Bugs Bunny Builders: Season 1 (Soundtrack from the Original Series)

Release Date: Friday January 6th, 2023
  1. Bugs Bunny Builders (Main Title Theme) [feat. Jeff Lewis]
  2. Snow Song (feat. Andi Gibson)
  3. Looney Light Shine (feat. Dawson Griffin)
  4. Hard Hat Time (feat. Eric Bauza, Bob Bergen & Chandni Parekh)
  5. Bugs Bunny Boogie (feat. Jon Robert Hall)
  6. Buckle Up (feat. Bri Holland)
  7. Porky Perfect (feat. Eric Krop)
  8. Awesome Duck (feat. Todd Honeycutt)
  9. Don't Be Fooled by His Size (feat. Betsy Segal)