Our Cartoon President: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack)

Release Date: Friday January 15th, 2021
  1. Donald Trump Was the President
  2. Money
  3. Election Day
  4. Uh Oh! (Susan Collins)
  5. Same Shade of Blue
  6. What's Gonna Change
  7. Glory Days
  8. Milkshake U.S.A.
  9. The Irish
  10. Having Fun on the Amtrak Train
  11. The Magic Is Gone
  12. The Magic Is Gone (Reprise)
  13. Why Does Trump Have to Go?
  14. Becoming Don Jr.
  15. Back to Ivanka
  16. Wartime Song
  17. Former Sycophants
  18. We Are Billionaires
  19. Spotlight on Me
  20. Election Day [Sean Hannity Edition]
  21. We Both Hate Fleas [Unaired Version]
  22. Same Shade of Blue [Reprise]
  23. There's Enough Pie to Go Around [Unaired Version] [Bonus Track]
  24. Milkshake U.S.A. Senate Sing Along [A Cappella] [Bonus Track]
  25. My Yummy Pizza[Bonus Track]
  26. Friendship Manor[Bonus Track]
  27. And I'm with You Tonight [Bonus Track]
  28. Donald Trump Is the President (Extended Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
  29. We Don't Know Who's the President [Unaired Version] [Bonus Track]