Cloud Atlas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: Tuesday October 23rd, 2012
  1. Prelude: The Atlas March
  2. Cloud Atlas Opening Title
  3. Travel To Edinburgh
  4. Luisa's Birthmark
  5. Cavendish In Distress
  6. Papa Song
  7. Sloosha's Hollow
  8. Sonmi-451 Meets Chang
  9. Won't Let Go
  10. Kesselring
  11. The Escape
  12. Temple Of Sacrifice
  13. Catacombs
  14. Adieu
  15. New Direction
  16. All Boundaries Are Conventions
  17. The Message
  18. Chasing Luisa Rey
  19. Sonmi's Discovery
  20. Death Is Only A Door
  21. Cloud Atlas Finale
  22. The Cloud Atlas Sextet For Orchestra
  23. Cloud Atlas End Title

Prelude: The Atlas March Cloud Atlas Opening Title Travel To Edinburgh Luisa's Birthmark Cavendish In Distress Papa Song Sloosha's Hollow Sonmi-451 Meets Chang Won't Let Go Kesselring The Escape Temple Of Sacrifice Catacombs Adieu New Direction All Boundaries Are Conventions The Message Chasing Luisa Rey Sonmi's Discovery Death Is Only A Door Cloud Atlas Finale The Cloud Atlas Sextet For Orchestra Cloud Atlas End Title