The 100 - Season 3 Soundtrack AVAILABLE NOW


April 14, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA - WaterTower Music announced today the April 15 release of the soundtrack to season three of Warner Bros. Television’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100 (Thursdays 9/8c on The CW), which features original music from composer Tree Adams (Californication, Legends, Perception), who describes the score as “gritty” and “rife with Middle Eastern colors and epic orchestral themes.”

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg glowingly discussed working with Adams. “In season three, Tree Adams was a musical storyteller. His blend of haunting orchestral battle music, Middle Eastern instruments and modern synth elements provides a unique flavor that adds an essential depth to each scene. His music binds together a vast range of conflicts, characters, relationships and settings to create an effortless and rich experience.”

Adams himself describes the musical process. “The music simply seeks to be a loyal companion to Jason Rothenberg’s story and vision,” he explained. "The cues are laid out in such a way that it lets you sift through some of the specific moments, characters and relationships and see the threads and throughlines there. Essentially, the themes tell the stories of the season through music. It’s rich in that way and it gives the fans another dimension to sink their teeth into.”

The 100: Original Television Soundtrack – Season 3 is available digitally and can be purchased at iTunes.

Currently in its third season on The CW (Thursdays at 9/8c), The 100 is based on the book by Kass Morgan and was developed by Jason Rothenberg, who executive produces with Leslie Morgenstein. The series is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios.

For two seasons, the refugees of The 100 sent to Earth have been at war – first with themselves, then with the Grounders, and finally with Mount Weather. Many have lost their lives along the way. All have lost their innocence. They have learned the hard way that in the fight for survival, there are no heroes and no villains. There is only the living and the dead. But is there more to life than just surviving? Returning home to a world seemingly at peace, their lives will be changed forever as threats both old and new test their loyalties, push them past their limits and make them question what it truly means to be human. First they fought to survive. Then they fought for their friends. Now, they will fight for the human race.

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