Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake – Season 1 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series)

Release Date: 28/09/2023


1 Main Theme (Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake)
2 Fionna and Cake Fight Back
3 Not Myself (feat. Zuzu)
4 Finn to the Rescue
5 Part of the Madness (feat. Rebecca Sugar)
6 Finn and Jake Push Through It
7 Cake on the Loose (feat. Roz Ryan)
8 Prismo the Wishmaker
9 Winter Wonder World (feat. Tom Kenny & Brian David Gilbert)
10 Baked with Love (feat. Hynden Walch & Brian David Gilbert)
11 Vampire World
12 Everything in You (feat. Half Shy)
13 Jerryworld
14 Casper and Nova
15 Fionna and Cake Win
16 Fionna's Wish