Gigi: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: 20/11/2015


1 Main Title (Gigi Soundtrack)
2 Opening (Gigi Soundtrack)
3 Interlude/And There Is The Future
4 Thank Heaven For Little Girls
5 Meet Gigi
6 Gastons House
7 Armenonville/Its A Bore Prelude
8 Its A Bore
9 After Its A Bore (extended version)
10 Aunt Alicia
11 Parisians Introduction
12 The Parisians
13 Ice Skating Sequence (extended version)
14 Dissolve Maxims/Gossip (extended version)
15 Introduction To Maxims Waltz (extended version)/ Waltz At Maxims (Shes Not Thinking Of Me)
16 It's A Bore (Reprise)
17 To The Inn (extended version)
18 Goodbye Madame
19 Bore Montage
20 The Night They Invented Champagne
21 Trouville (extended version0
22 I Remember It Well
23 Panting Grandma (Outtake)
24 Lessons (extended version)
25 Upset
26 Gastons Soliloquy
27 Gigi
28 Gaston With Flowers
29 You Never Told Me
30 Im Glad I'm Not Young Anymore
31 Im Glad Im Not Young Anymore (Reprise) (extended version)
32 Aunt Alicias March (extended version)
33 Bracelet (extended version)
34 Say A Prayer For Me Tonight
35 Gigis Big Moment
36 Second Gossip (extended version / vocal outtake)
37 Waltz At Maxims
Dance Version (extended version)
38 Gastons Decision
39 Change Of Heart/End Title (Gigi Soundtrack)
40 The Parisians (extended version / piano-vocal prerecording)
41 The Night They Invented Champagne (piano-vocal prerecording)
42 Say A Prayer For Me Tonight (piano-vocal prerecording)