The 100: Original Television Soundtrack – Season 5

Release Date: 24/08/2018



1 Clarke and Madi - Tree Adams
2 Monty's Found A New Planet - Tree Adams
3 Blodreina - Tree Adams
4 Kane and Abby - Tree Adams
5 Diyoza And The Miners - Tree Adams
6 McCreary's Faction - Tree Adams
7 Open The Bunker - Tree Adams
8 Bellamy and Clarke Suite - Tree Adams
9 The Enemy Of Wonkru - Tree Adams
10 Diyoza Hunts Wonkru - Tree Adams
11 Blodreina's Mask - Tree Adams
12 Spies - Tree Adams
13 Clarke In The Wasteland - Tree Adams
14 Sacrifice - Tree Adams
15 Shades Of Murphy - Tree Adams
16 Monty Offers To Fight - Tree Adams
17 Bellamy Poisons Octavia - Tree Adams
18 Shaw - Tree Adams
19 Indra Manipulations - Tree Adams
20 The Rotunda - Tree Adams
21 March To Shallow Valley - Tree Adams
22 Clarke Lets Madi Go - Tree Adams
23 Monty's Video Logs - Tree Adams
24 Raven and Shaw - Tree Adams
25 Abby's Addiction - Tree Adams
26 Eden Never Stood A Chance - Tree Adams

THE 100 Season 5 SOUNDTRACK:

Special Thanks to Jason Rothenberg for his passion and his vision.

Music Composed and Produced by Tree Adams

Team Treehouse:
Engineered and Mixed by James Brack
Additional Programming Joey Massari
Assistants Andrew Schuyler
Jaime Estalella and Ishita Sinha

Score features vocals by Lisbeth Scott
Ishita Sinha and Karen Hogle Brown

Executive in charge of Music for Warner bros Television: Bronwyn Savasta
Executive in Charge of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn

Music Business Affairs Executive: Ari Taitz
Album Coordinator: Kathy Matthews
Art Direction: Sandeep Sriram

Album Mastered by Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

Score Published by Warner-Barham Music LLC (BMI)

Tree Adams Thanks:
To Delphine
Thibeaux and Josephine. To Amos Newman and Bradley Rainey at WME. To Sabrina Hutchinson and Defiant PR. To music supervisor Billy Gottlieb
music editor Carli Barber
mixers Rick Norman and Ryan Davis. To my guide and my pal Tim Scanlan. To Emanuel Fidalgo
Charlie Crutcher and Peter Lag
Jeff Graznow
Daniel Maartens
David Kashevaroff
Mark Knoob and Dominque Espinosa Pieb

(P) 2018 WaterTower Music.
The 100 and related elements ™ and © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


1. Clarke and Madi
2. Monty's Found A New Planet
3. Blodreina
4. Kane and Abby
5. Diyoza And The Miners
6. McCreary's Faction
7. Open The Bunker
8. Bellamy and Clarke
9. The Enemy Of Wonkru
10. Dyoza Hunts Wonkru
11. Blodreina's Mask
12. Spies
13. Clarke In The Wasteland
14. Sacrifice
15. Shades Of Murphy
16. Monty Offers To Fight
17. Bellamy Poisons Octavia
18. Shaw
19. Indra Manipulations
20. The Rotunda
21. March To Shallow Valley
22. Clarke Lets Madi Go
23. Monty's Video Logs
24. Raven and Shaw
25. Abby's Addiction
26. Eden Never Stood A Chance