The Disaster Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: 08/12/2017



1 This My Movie And This My Life - Dialogue - James Franco
2 The Disaster Artist - Dave Porter
3 Welcome To My Planet
Greg - Dialogue - James Franco
4 Meet Tommy - Dave Porter
5 I Love Football - Dave Porter
6 Tommy's Pad - Dave Porter
7 Going To The Dean - Dave Porter
8 Pinky Finger Swear - Dave Porter
9 All The Pretty Boys - Dialogue - James Franco
10 Leaving Mom's - Dave Porter
11 Iris Burton Agency - Dave Porter
12 The Rules To The Class Are Simple
Any Questions Before We Start? - Dialogue - James Fracno
13 Auditions - Dave Porter
14 Acting Class - Dave Porter
15 One In A Million - Dave Porter
16 We Make Movie. The Room! - Dialogue - James Franco
17 Rooftop Revelation - Dave Porter
18 The Script - Dave Porter
19 First Day Speech - Dave Porter
20 I Did Not Hit Her. I Dod Not. Oh Hi Mark. - Dialogue - James Franco
21 I Did Not Hit Her - Dave Porter
22 Cock Sock - Dave Porter
23 3
Bang - Dave Porter
24 Shave Your Beard - Dave Porter
25 You Are Tearing Me Apart
Lisa! - Dialogue - James Franco
26 Movie Over - Dave Porter
27 This Was Your Dream Too - Dave Porter
28 Building Anticipation - Dave Porter
29 I'm Glad You Like My Comedic Movie - Dialogue - James Franco
30 Premiere Speech - Dave Porter

The Disaster Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Dave Porter

Executive Producer James Franco
Soundtrack Album Produced by Dave Porter
Original Music by DAVE PORTER
Dialog written by Scott Neustadter
Michael H. Weber
Score recorded at CNSO
Performed by CNSO
Score Recording Engineer: Jan Kotzmann
ProTools Engineer: Cenda Kotzmann
Scoring assistant to Dave Porter: Jeff Kryka
Additional recording at: The Audio Labs and Ocean Studios
Recording by: James Saez
Scoring Mixer: Nicholai Baxter
Score Editing Engineer: Phil Levine
Mixed at: Igloo Music

Music Editor: Bruno Roussel
Album Mastered by Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering
Music Business Affairs Executive: Dan Freedman
Good Universe
Executive In Charge Of Music For New Line Cinema: Erin Scully
Executive In Charge Of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn
Executive Album Producer for WaterTower Music: Genevieve Morris
Soundtrack Album Business Affairs: Lisa Margolis and Ray Gonzalez
Album Art Direction by Sandeep Sriram

Original Score Published by: New Line Tunes (ASCAP)