B Positive (Theme Song) - 'Keb Mo'

Release Date: Friday May 7th, 2021

B Positive – Single Credits

“Theme from B Positive”
Written by: Chuck Lorre & Kevin R. Moore
Published by: Kebnote Music admin by. Bike Music obo Concord Music Publishing (BMI) / Meshuggenah Productions, Inc. (BMI) / Warner-Barham Music, Inc. (BMI)
Produced by: Keb’ Mo’ & Chuck Lorre
Performed by: Keb’ Mo’

Engineer: Zach Allen
Recorded at: Stu Stu Studio in Brentwood, TN / Various Studios in Los Angeles
Mixed by: Keb’ Mo’ & Zach Allen
Mixed at: Stu Stu Studio in Franklin, TN
Mastered by: Richard Dodd for Dodd Mastering

Music & Vocal Contractor: JoAnn Tominaga
Music Prep: Maestro Melvin Lightford

Rhythm Arranger: Keb’ Mo’
Horn Arranger: Tom Scott
Vocal Arranger: Keb’ Mo’ & Dave Thomas

Lead Vocal: Keb’ Mo’
Vocals: Robbie Moore, Dave Thomas, Alvin Chea, Claude McKnight
Guitar: Keb’ Mo’
Piano: Michael Rojas
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: Harvey Mason
Drum programming: K Roosevelt
Percussion: Munyungo Jackson

Clarinet: Tom Scott
Sax: Dana Robbins
Trumpet: Wayne Bergeron
Trombone: Garrett Smith
Trombone: Roy Agee

Executive Album Producer: Chuck Lorre
Executive in charge of Music for Warner Bros. Television: Bronwyn Savasta
Executive in charge of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn
Music Business Affairs Executive: Ari Taitz
Art Direction and Production for WaterTower Music: Sandeep Sriram
Album Coordinator: Jen Tindal

A Note from Chuck Lorre:

Back in the 70!s, I played guitar in Spike Jones Jr.!s band. We did covers of several of his dad!s famous songs, Chloe, Cocktails for Two, Sabre Dance, etc. The arrangements were murderously difficult, and I had to woodshed like crazy to play them effectively (check 'em out on YouTube, you!ll see). For a long time, I thought my only takeaway from that gig was being able to gargle the solo in Sabre Dance and sing the gigga-da part in Cocktails for Two (again, YouTube). But now, 45 years later, proving nothing is wasted, it all came in handy with the making of the B Positive full-length theme. Thanks, Spike! And thanks Keb! "for your musical mastery and, most importantly, your infinite patience.