Oslo (HBO® Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Date: Saturday May 29th, 2021
  1. Oslo Theme 1
  2. Oslo Theme 2
  3. Opening
  4. Not for Me, for You
  5. End of First Meeting
  6. Hesitation
  7. Welcome to Oslo
  8. Together
  9. I Want to Tell a Joke
  10. Let Us Be Friends
  11. Declaration of Principles
  12. I, and I Alone
  13. Savir Arrives in Oslo
  14. Let Us Begin
  15. Alone with Savir
  16. To Mona
  17. Singer Arrives
  18. The Enemy Himself
  19. Official Channel
  20. Blood Will Be Spilt
  21. We Will Find a Way
  22. This Is Your Chance
  23. We're Going to Finish It
  24. Trying to Reach Qurie
  25. Qurie Calls Back
  26. What Will Become of Us
  27. Oslo End Credits

Oslo – Soundtrack Credits

Music by Jeff Russo & Zoë Keating

Legal Line:
(P) 2021 This compilation WaterTower Music as licensee for Home Box Office, Inc.
© 2021 Oslo, Artwork and Photographs © 2021 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. HBO and related trademarks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.

Oslo Theme 1
Oslo Theme 2
Not for Me, for You
End of First Meeting
Welcome to Oslo
I Want to Tell a Joke
Let Us Be Friends
Declaration of Principles
I, and I Alone
Savir Arrives in Oslo
Let Us Begin
Alone with Savir
To Mona
Singer Arrives
The Enemy Himself
Official Channel
Blood Will Be Spilt
We Will Find a Way
This Is Your Chance
We're Going to Finish It
Trying to Reach Qurie
Qurie Calls Back
What Will Become of Us
Oslo End Credits

Written by Jeff Russo (50% - GMR) & Zoë Keating (50% - ASCAP)
Published by Fourth Music Publishing (GMR) (50%) / T-L Music Publishing (ASCAP) (50%)

Score Engineer and Mixer MICHAEL PERFITT
Scoring Assistant: NATALIA GOLDSTEIN
Score Technical Assistant: BEN FOX
Assistant to Zoë Keating: TINA LENGUYEN
Additional Score Mixing: COUNT
Assistant to Jeff Russo / Coordinator: VALERIE HILLSMITH
Orchestra Contractor: ALAN UMSTEAD
Orchestra Recorded at: OCEAN WAY NASHVILLE

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering