Meet The Musicians Hans Zimmer recorded the score with featured soloists Lorne Balfe, Ann Marie Calhoun, Tina Guo, Aleksey Igudesman, Davey Johnstone, and Diego Stocco on a triple-neck double-bass he himself built.

Zimmer contrasted an opulent sounding chamber orchestra with these soloists and a Salvation Army Brass Band; infusing Doyle’s orderly, Victorian world with the unorthodox.

Get to know these diverse talented musicians and learn how they became involved with this project in the videos below.
Lorne Balfe Davey Johnstone
Ann-Marie Calhoun
Tina Guo
Aleksey Igudesman
Diego Stocco
Hans and crew destroy a piano to get some of the big crashing sounds used on the score. Check out some of the videos below!