Silk Stockings: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: Thursday June 16th, 2016
  1. Main Title Silk Stockings
  2. Fred's Feet
  3. Too Bad (With Alternate Dance Orchestration)
  4. Close
  5. Paris Loves Lovers
  6. Stereophonic Sound
  7. Paris Montage
  8. Paris Loves Lovers (Instrumental)
  9. Easy To Love
  10. It's a Chemical Reaction, That's All
  11. All Of You
  12. Love Of My Life / You Can Do No Wrong
  13. Satin and Silk
  14. Silk Stockings
  15. Without Love
  16. I Feel Better Now
  17. Fated to Be Mated (Extended Version) / All Of You
  18. Josephine (Extended Version)
  19. Siberia
  20. Cyd Leaves Paris
  21. High Healed Shoes
  22. The Red Blues
  23. Oatmeal / Cyd Returns to Paris
  24. All Of You (Vielli Russio)
  25. The Ritz Roll And Rock
  26. We Are Getting Married
  27. Too Bad (Reprise) / Finale
  28. It's a Chemical Reaction, That's All (Unused Demo)
  29. It's a Chemical Reaction, That's All (Unused Alternate Orchestration)
  30. In The Still Of The Night (Poodle Cafe) [Outtake]