Harley Quinn: Season 2 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series)

Release Date: Friday August 21st, 2020
  2. We Need Goons
  3. WayneBox, Play Party Mix [feat. CM French]
  4. Never Not Stealing Jewels
  5. Everyone into the Ice Vagina
  6. My Sacrifice
  7. Tranquilo, Baby, Tranquilo [feat. Matt Novack]
  8. Lower Lumbar Support
  9. Emotional Pit
  10. Only Love Sets Us Free
  11. I Definitely Make Love to Bats [feat. Matt Novack]
  12. Escape to Apokolips [feat. Matt Novack]
  13. Apollonian Airlines
  14. Welcome to Themyscira [feat. CM French]
  15. The Legend of Nanaue the Shark Man [feat. Matt Novack]
  16. Hedonikka [feat. CM French]
  17. Cobb Squad!
  18. I Regret Lots of Things! (The Life and Death of Sy Borgman)
  19. Get Off Me, You Angry Dolphin!
  20. CableACE Award Winning Stuff [feat. CM French]
  21. The Taking of Gotham
  22. Did I Just Hear the Wind Say Kite Man
  23. Cielo e Mar
  24. Rise, Harley Quinn!