Beautiful Creatures: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: 12/02/2013


1 Interception - thenewno2
2 The Caster Theme - thenewno2
3 Breaking The Ice - thenewno2
4 Macon's Magic Wand - thenewno2
5 Dark Magic - thenewno2
6 Lena's Magic / The Love Theme - thenewno2
7 Swamptronica/Voudon - thenewno2
8 Make It Home (Ridley's Siren Remix) - thenewno2
9 Sarafine At Church - thenewno2
10 Holidays At Ravenwood - thenewno2
11 Family Dinner - thenewno2
12 Ridley's Claiming - thenewno2
13 The Spell That Left A Curse - thenewno2
14 Ridley goes To The Pictures - thenewno2
15 Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us - thenewno2
16 Sarafine At The Door / Love Breaks The Spell - thenewno2
17 The Caster Library - thenewno2
18 Searching For The Curse - thenewno2
19 The Burning Sign - thenewno2
20 The Curse Reveals Itself (Tragic Love Theme) - thenewno2
21 Sacrifice - thenewno2
22 Ridley's Swamptronica - thenewno2
23 The Honey Hill Stomp - thenewno2
24 Lena Runs To Ethan - thenewno2
25 Lena's Love Rage / Macon's Addagio - thenewno2
26 Mother And Daughter - thenewno2
27 Run To Me (feat. Ben Harper & Liela Moss) - thenewno2
28 Never Too Late (feat. Liela Moss & Thorunn Antonia) - thenewno2
29 Needle And Thread (Digital Only Exclusive) - Alice Englert

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thenewno2 (as in "the new No. 2
" a line borrowed from TV's The Prisoner) is a Los Angeles based critically-acclaimed band and collective led by Grammy Award winner singer/guitarist Dhani Harrison
three-time Grammy Award winner Paul Hicks (keyboards/programming)
Jonathan Sadoff (keyboards/guitar)
Jeremy Faccone (guitar)
Aaron Older (bass)
and Frank Zummo (drums). Since its inception
Harrison has tirelessly expanded thenewno2 as an art collective creating both videos and artwork. In-between the band’s 2009 debut
You Are Here and their 2012 sophomore album
thefearofmissingout Dhani Harrison formed Fistful of Mercy
a NPR top rated side project with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur
Jonathan Sadoff composed two films (Good Old Fashion Orgy
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) and Paul Hicks won his 3rd Grammy in Sound Engineering. 

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