Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack – Season 2

Release Date: 21/10/2016


1 I'm Just A Girl In Love (feat. Rachel Bloom)
2 Love Kernels (feat. Rachel Bloom)
3 We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now (feat. Rachel Bloom and Vincent Rodriguez III)
4 Maybe This Dream (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin)
5 Greg's Drinking Song (feat. Santino Fontana)
6 I Could If I Wanted To (Reprise) (feat. Santino Fontana)
7 Ping Pong Girl (feat. Vincent Rodriguez III)
8 The Math Of Love Triangles (feat. Rachel Bloom)
9 It Was a S*** Show (clean) (feat. Santino Fontana)
10 It Was a S*** Show (explicit) (feat. Santino Fontana)
11 We Tapped That Ass (feat. Santino Fontana & Vincent Rodriguez III)
12 Makey Makeover (feat. Rachel Bloom)
13 Triceratops Ballet -Medley
14 Thought Bubbles (feat. Vincent Rodriguez III)
15 Thought Bubbles (Reprise) (feat. Brittany Snow & Vincent Rodriguez III)
16 Friendtopia (feat. Rachel Bloom
Vella Lovell
and Gabrielle Ruiz)
17 Trent Is Getting Ready Song (feat. Paul Welsh)
18 Stuck In The Bathroom (feat. Vella Lovell)
19 Research Me Obsessively (feat.Brittany Snow)
20 You Go First (feat.Rachel Bloom
Donna Lynne Champlin)
21 So Maternal (feat. Rachel Bloom
Jamie Denbo)
22 Duh! (feat. Vincent Rodriguez III)
23 Who's the New Guy? (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin
Danny Jolles
Michael McMillian
Esther Povitsky
Stephnie Weir)
24 George's Turn (feat. Danny Jolles)
25 We'll Never Have Problems Again (feat. Rachel Bloom
Vincent Rodriguez III)
26 Remember That We Suffered (feat. Patti LuPone
Tovah Feldshuh)
27 Santa Ana Winds
Pt. 1-5 (feat. Eric Michael Roy)
28 Let's Have Intercourse (feat. Scott Michael Foster)
29 You're My Best Friend (And I Know I'm Not Yours) (feat. Pete Gardner)
30 Man Nap (feat. Pete Gardner)
31 (Tell Me I'm Okay) Patrick (feat. Rachel Bloom)
32 Period Sex (feat. Rachel Bloom)
33 What a Rush to Be a Bride (feat. Rachel Bloom
Donna Lynne Champlin)
34 Rebecca's Reprise (feat. Rachel Bloom)
35 Sex Toys - Demo (feat. Jack Dolgen)
36 It's Not Difficult to Define Miss Douche - Demo (feat. Jack Dolgen)
37 Santa Ana Winds 6am - Demo (feat. Rachel Bloom)
38 I'm Just a Girl in Love - Demo (feat. Adam Schlesinger
Stephen M. Gold)
39 Rebecca's Reprise - Demo (feat. Rachel Bloom)