It: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2017)

Release Date: 08/09/2017



1 Every 27 Years - Benjamin Wallfisch
2 Paper Boat - Benjamin Wallfisch
3 Georgie
Meet Pennywise - Benjamin Wallfisch
4 Derry - Benjamin Wallfisch
5 River Chase - Benjamin Wallfisch
6 Egg Boy - Benjamin Wallfisch
7 Beverly - Benjamin Wallfisch
8 Come Join The Clown
Eds - Benjamin Wallfisch
9 You'll Float Too - Benjamin Wallfisch
10 Shape Shifter - Benjamin Wallfisch
11 Hocksetter Attack - Benjamin Wallfisch
12 Haircut - Benjamin Wallfisch
13 Derry History - Benjamin Wallfisch
14 January Embers - Benjamin Wallfisch
15 Saving Mike - Benjamin Wallfisch
16 This Is Not A Dream - Benjamin Wallfisch
17 Slideshow - Benjamin Wallfisch
18 Georgie's Theme - Benjamin Wallfisch
19 He Didn't Stutter Once - Benjamin Wallfisch
20 29 Neibolt Street - Benjamin Wallfisch
21 Time To Float - Benjamin Wallfisch
22 It's What It Wants - Benjamin Wallfisch
23 You'll Die If You Try - Benjamin Wallfisch
24 Return to Neibolt - Benjamin Wallfisch
25 Into The Well - Benjamin Wallfisch
26 Pennywise's Tower - Benjamin Wallfisch
27 Deadlights - Benjamin Wallfisch
28 Searching For Stanley - Benjamin Wallfisch
29 Saving Beverly - Benjamin Wallfisch
30 Georgie Found - Benjamin Wallfisch
31 Transformation - Benjamin Wallfisch
32 Feed On Your Fear - Benjamin Wallfisch
33 Welcome To The Losers Club - Benjamin Wallfisch
34 Yellow Raincoat - Benjamin Wallfisch
35 Blood Oath - Benjamin Wallfisch
36 Kiss - Benjamin Wallfisch
37 Every 27 Years (reprise) - Benjamin Wallfisch
38 Epilogue - The Pennywise Dance - Benjamin Wallfisch

Listen To:
You'll Float Too – Benjamin Wallfisch


Music by Benjamin Wallfisch


Soundtrack Album Produced by Benjamin Wallfisch
Executive Album Producer: Dana Sano
Executive In Charge Of Music for New Line Cinema: Erin Scully
Executive In Charge Of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn


Music Composed and Produced by Benjamin Wallfisch

Music Editor: Lisé Richardson 
Assistant Music Editor: Nate Underkuffler 
Orchestrator: David Krystal 
Conductor: Tim Williams 
Piano Solos: Benjamin Wallfisch
Music Preparation: Booker White 
Score Recorded and Mixed by: Joel Iwataki 
Digital Score Recordist: Larry Mah 
Mix Recordist: Vincent Cirilli 
Synth Programmers: Antonio Andrade
Alex Lu 
Score Technical Assistant: Max Sandler 
Orchestral Contractor: Peter Rotter 
Vocal Contractor: Jasper Randall 
Score Coordinator: Celeste Chada 
Score Recorded at Eastwood Scoring Stage 

Album Mastered by Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

Soundtrack Album Produced by Benjamin Wallfisch
Executive Album Producer: Dana Sano
Executive In Charge Of Music for New Line Cinema: Erin Scully
Executive In Charge Of WaterTower Music: Jason Linn

Music Business Affairs Executive: Lisa Margolis and John F.X. Walsh
Production for WaterTower Music: Sandeep Sriram
Soundtrack Coordinator: Kim Baum
Art Direction: Dan Goldwasser at Warm Butter Design

Score Published by New Line Tunes (ASCAP)

Benajmin Wallfisch would like to thank:
Andy Muschietti
Barbara Muschietti
Seth Grahame-Smith
David Katzenberg
Richard Brener
Walter Hamada
Dave Neustadter
Erin Scully
Kim Baum
Dana Sano
Hillary Holmes
Lisé Richardson
David Krystal
Nate Underkuffler
Max Sandler
Alex Lu
Antonio Andrade
Celeste Chada
Darin Read
Tim Williams
Belinda Broughton
The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Peter Rotter
Jasper Randall
Joel Iwataki
Vinni Cirilli
Larry Mah
Alfredo Pasquel
Shalini Singh
Darrell Alexander
everyone at WaterTower Music
and my amazing wife Missy.
Thanks to:
Peter Axelrad
Joseph Billé
Paul Broucek
Rocco Carrozza
Kerrylyn Genetive
Joe Kara
Kevin Kertes
Genevieve Morris
Robert Zick

℗ 2017 WaterTower Music
Motion Picture Artwork © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Motion Picture Photography © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and RatPac-Dune Entertainment LLC
All rights reserved.


A famous quote says that “talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” That is pretty much the challenge you have to face when you discuss score with a composer. When I met with Ben Wallfisch for the first time
we talked for hours
about what the score should sound like. That’s when I confirmed once more that dancing about architecture is not a futile exercise at all. In fact
it’s a creative
and yes
a confusing exercise to get in tune with the other artist.
The complexity of scoring IT is that it’s much more than a horror movie. It’s a character driven horror drama. You have to check a lot of boxes including not only tension and horror
but also emotion and humor: dealing with at least eight different main characters
and yet achieve an esthetic consistency. Ben understood this challenge and created a masterful score that elevated the story in a sublime way. Without any doubt one of the most gratifying moments of making a film is to feel the music bring the scenes to life. But when the music exalts these emotions beyond the expectations
then you have an understanding of the genius behind the composition.
– Andy Muschietti


Every now and again
you come across a movie where the storytelling is so powerful
the subtext so visceral
the synergy between director
 narrative and actors so palpable
that as a composer you can feel the music being energized by something so much bigger than what’s just on the screen. To collaborate with Andy Muschietti is to be invited into a thrilling
deeply inspiring and richly creative dynamic space where nothing is off limits. Any idea
no matter how seemingly far-fetched
is examined. A conversation unfolds
a journey commences and unique musical discoveries are made.

In our many early conversations
we realized that whilst the score needed to be firmly rooted in the classic symphonic adventure movie scoring tradition of the 1980s
it also needed to embody something unique. Andy’s interpretation of Stephen King’s masterpiece is so much more than a horror movie: it’s a stunning and arresting film that inspires and moves the audience with its underlying message of the power we have when we truly unite
despite our differences. Creating a score to tell the story of a shapeshifting antagonist of unimaginable evil
that can only be defeated when a group of individuals come together as one
required metamorphic themes
extremes of sonic irreverence and heartfelt quiet; and most importantly
 a musical language that strived to be constantly informed by the profound emotional truth driving the heartbeat of the filmmaking. Collaborating with Andy to bring his vision to life was a true honor
and as a lifelong Stephen King fan
a great privilege.

Benjamin Wallfisch
July 2017


Disc 1

01 – Every 27 Years
02 – Paper Boat
03 – Georgie
Meet Pennywise
04 – Derry
05 – River Chase
06 – Egg Boy
07 – Beverly
08 – Come Join The Clown
09 – You'll Float Too
10 – Shape Shifter
11 – Hockstetter Attack
12 – Haircut
13 – Derry History
14 – January Embers
15 – Saving Mike
16 – This Is Not A Dream
17 – Slideshow
18 – Georgie's Theme
19 – He Didn't Stutter Once
20 – 29 Neibolt Street
21 – Time To Float
22 – It's What It Wants
23 – You'll Die If You Try

Disc 2

01 – Return to Neibolt
02 – Into The Well
03 – Pennywise's Tower
04 – Deadlights
05 – Searching For Stanley
06 – Saving Beverly
07 – Georgie Found
08 – Transformation
09 – Feed On Your Fear
10 – Welcome To The Losers Club
11 – Yellow Raincoat
12 – Blood Oath
13 – Kiss
14 – Every 27 Years (reprise)
15 – Epilogue – The Pennywise Dance

The Hollywood Studio Symphony – AFM Musician List

Belinda Broughton – 1st
Maya Magub
Benjamin Powell
Tereza Stanislav – P2
Eun-Mee Ahn
Charlie Bisharat
Andrew Bulbrook
Roberto Cani
Kevin Connolly
Lorenz Gamma
Jessica Guideri
Michelle Hassler
Tamara Hatwan
Luanne Homzy
Sharon Jackson
Benjamin Jacobson
Maia Jasper-White
Kevin Kumar
Ana Landauer
Songa Lee
Natalie Leggett
Phillip Levy
Lisa Liu
Serena McKinney
Lucia Micarelli
Helen Nightengale
Grace Oh
Alyssa Park
Sara Parkins
Katia Popov
Tina Qu
Rafael Rishik
Neil Samples
Marc Sazer
Jennifer Takamatsu
Sarah Thornblade
Ina Veli
Josefina Vergara
Shalini Vijayan
Irina Voloshina
Alwyn Wright

Robert Brophy – 1st
Shawn Mann
Meredith Crawford
Victor De Almeida
Zach Dellinger
Brian Dembow
Andrew Duckles
Alma Fernandez
Matthew Funes
Pamela Jacobson
Luke Maurer
Jonathan Moerschel
Maria Newman
Aaron Oltman
Laura Pearson
Carolyn Riley
David Walther
Michael Whitson

Steve Erdody – 1st
Helen Altenbach
Jacob Braun
Eric Byers
Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith
Maurice Grants
Paula Hochhalter
Dennis Karmazyn
Michael Kaufman
Timothy Landauer
Kim Scholes
Evgeny Tonkha
Cecilia Tsan
Simone Vitucci
John Walz

Nico Abondolo – 1st
Michael Valerio
Stephen Dress
Thomas Harte
Oscar Hidalgo
Christian Kollgaard
Edward Meares
David Parmeter

Sara Andon – 1st
Heather Clark

Jessica Pearlman

Stuart Clark – 1st
Donald Foster

Rose Corrigan – 1st
Damian Montano

Andrew Bain – 1st
Mark Adams
David Everson
Dylan Hart

Thomas Hooten – 1st
Christopher Still

Alexander Iles – 1st
Craig Gosnell
Phillip Keen
Bill Reichenbach

Doug Tornquist

Marcia Dickstein


Soloist – Elodie Barker

Elodie Barker
Tytan Benford
Kaden Chea
Ruby Eusebio
Jacob Grahame-Smith
Joshua Grahame-Smith
Riley Holmes
Cora Nielsen
Eitan Puchalt
Jessica Rau

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