Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Karaoke Album (Original Television Soundtrack) [Season 1]

Release Date: Friday January 12th, 2018
  1. West Covina
  2. The Sexy Getting Ready Song
  3. Feelin' Kinda Naughty
  4. Face Your Fears
  5. I Have Friends
  6. Settle For Me
  7. Sex With a Stranger
  8. I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)
  9. I'm A Good Person
  10. I Give Good Parent
  11. What'll It Be?
  12. His Status Is... Preferred
  13. I'm In a Sexy French Depression
  14. Where's The Bathroom
  15. You Stupid Bitch
  16. JAP Battle
  17. Gettin' Bi
  18. I'm The Villain In My Own Story
  19. Dream Ghost
  20. Heavy Boobs
  21. I Gave You A UTI
  22. Oh My God I Think I Like You
  23. After Everything I've Done For You (That You Didn't Ask For
  24. One Indescribably Instant