Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Original Television Soundtrack (Season 1 - Volume 1)

Release Date: Friday February 19th, 2016
  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme
  2. West Covina
  3. West Covina Reprise
  4. The Sexy Getting Ready Song
  5. Feelin' Kinda Naughty
  6. I'm So Good At Yoga (feat. Gabrielle Ruiz)
  7. Face Your Fears (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin)
  8. I Have Friends (feat. Rachel Bloom & Ava Acres)
  9. A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes (feat. Vincent Rodriguez III)
  10. Settle For Me (feat. Santino Fontana)
  11. Settle For Me (Reprise) [feat.Rachel Bloom]
  12. Sex With a Stranger (feat. Rachel Bloom)
  13. I Love My Daughter (But Not In A Creepy Way) [feat. Pete Gardner]
  14. I'm A Good Person (feat. Rachel Bloom)
  15. I Give Good Parent (feat. Rachel Bloom)
  16. What'll It Be? (feat. Santino Fontana)
  17. His Status Is... Preferred (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin)
  18. I'm In A Sexy French Depression (feat. Rachel Bloom)
  19. Where's The Bathroom (feat. Tovah Feldshuh)
  20. California Christmastime (feat. Rachel Bloom & Vincent Rodriguez III)
  21. Feelin' Kinda Naughty (DEMO)
  22. I Have Friends (DEMO)
  23. Settle For Me (A Capella)
  24. Sex With A Stranger (DEMO)
  25. What'll It Be? (DEMO)