The Sweet Sounds of Susie (Curb Your Enthusiasm Presents: Susie Essman) [From the HBO Series]

Release Date: Friday January 17th, 2020
  1. You're a Fat Fucking Asshole
  2. De-CAP-itated
  3. You Sicko Fucko Asshole
  4. Get The Fuck Out of My House
  5. Fuck You, You Car Wash Cunt
  6. You Sick, Four-Eyed Fuck
  7. You Suck Fuck Pervert
  8. It's Sick, Jeff
  9. You Heartless Piece of Shit
  10. Oh, I Respect Wood
  11. The D-Word
  12. Fucking Five Iron
  13. The Dog Bit Your Penis
  14. You're Not Giving Your Fucking Kidney
  15. We Don't Answer the Phone at Dinner