DC Super Hero Girls: Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack)

Release Date: Friday May 28th, 2021
  1. Super Life (Extended Main Title)
  2. Eyes on the Prize
  3. A Million Volts
  4. Princess Pumpkin Pants (feat. Tara Strong & Fred Tatasciore)
  5. Really Real
  6. In the City We Love
  7. Pomeranian Pomp
  8. Villain Transformations
  9. Too Much Fun
  10. Hero Transformations
  11. You Can Always Come Back to Me (feat. Dan Conklin)
  12. RA's Song (When You're Mine) [feat. Jason Charles Miller]
  13. We Really Mean It (feat. Jason Charles Miller)
  14. Ra's AI Cool
  15. Save You with My Love (feat. Dan Conklin)
  16. A Tale of Bold (feat. Tara Strong)