Lovecraft Country (Soundtrack from the HBO® Original Series)

Release Date: Sunday October 18th, 2020
  1. Sinnerman (feat. Alice Smith)
  2. Tall Skinny Papa (feat. Wunmi Mosaku)
  3. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (feat. Wunmi Mosaku & Jurnee Smollett)
  4. Ride Pretty Baby (feat. TJ Wilkins)
  5. Boogie at Midnight (feat. Wunmi Mosaku)
  6. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby (feat. Wunmi Mosaku)
  7. The Wandering Tattler
  8. Chain Gang Blues (feat. Wunmi Mosaku)
  9. Lovin' Machine
  10. Bésame Mucho
  11. Ardham [Sundown]
  12. Atticus Returns [Sundown]
  13. Sundown Town [Sundown]
  14. Hiding In A Shack [Sundown]
  15. Shoggoth Attack [Sundown]
  16. Secret Passageway [Whitey's on the Moon]
  17. Not Atticus [Whitey's on the Moon]
  18. Leti Bought A House [Holy Ghost]
  19. Paddy Wagon Talk [Holy Ghost]
  20. Voices in the Basement [Holy Ghost]
  21. Goat Blood [Holy Ghost]
  22. Pipe Burst [Holy Ghost]
  23. Chat With The Captain [A History of Violence]
  24. Mama Named a Comet [A History of Violence]
  25. Museum Break-In [A History of Violence]
  26. Writing On The Wall [A History of Violence]
  27. The Vault  [A History of Violence]
  28. Leti Walks The Plank  [A History of Violence]
  29. The Pendulum  [A History of Violence]
  30. Elevator Discovered  [A History of Violence]
  31. Tic Is The Key  [A History of Violence]
  32. Mummy Found  [A History of Violence]
  33. Mummy Transforms [A History of Violence]
  34. Flooded  [A History of Violence]
  35. Underwater [A History of Violence]
  36. Cutting Ruby Out [Strange Case]
  37. Dead Butterflies [Strange Case]
  38. Hillary Skips the Potion [Strange Case]
  39. Never a True Believer [Strange Case]
  40. Truck of Nurses [Meet Me in Daegu]
  41. Taking Ji-ah to Atticus [Meet Me in Daegu]
  42. Empty Sex [Meet Me in Daegu]
  43. Atticus Loses Virginity [Meet Me in Daegu]
  44. Demon Lady Journey [Meet Me in Daegu]
  45. Tic Fumes [I Am.]
  46. Portal Opens [I Am.]
  47. Robots Grab Hippolyta [I Am.]
  48. War Training [I Am.]
  49. Celestial Hippolyta [I Am.]
  50. ...And more - see credits for full Tracklisting